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Breaking Down Barriers

I live in Suffolk and I am a professional medium psychic and hypnotherapy clinical master practitioner. 


I began my spiritual journey quite young, experiencing paranormal experiences at a young age but not understanding what was happening until I was 17 years old.​


At the age of 17 I had a major accident which left me in hospital for 9 months. Whilst in the hospital I had a nurse come to my bed one evening and she told me that I had a gift and would be able to speak to and contact spirits. After she had left my bed side another nurse appeared. I spoke to her about the first nurse she asked me to describe her. I did this, I gave the nurse her name only to be told that she had been dead for 10 years. I spoke to other patients in the ward and they had also reported seeing her.


When I left the hospital I began investigating the spirit world.​ I find that my interest is in helping people spiritually, I enjoy the fact that I can guide people through my own spirit guides and  through friends and relatives who have passed.



My spiritual journey continues and I learn more on a daily basis. My guides act as my spiritual sat nav putting me back on the right road if I get lost. Sometimes on my journey I come across a road block and my way is barred but if I follow my heart I always end up on the right road. 


On occasions I go too fast, speeding never achieves anything and my guides help me to slow down and go at the correct pace. There are times when I honestly believe that I am on the wrong road but somehow with faith, I always come around to the right road in the end. I believe that we all have the capabilities to follow our own sat nav, just ask the spirits to show you the way forward, look for the signposts, the traffic lights and the directions and spirit will show you the right road to take. 


Thought of the day

"You are spirit thats all you need to know,  and spirit is triumphant over matter."



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Steve to rode velocity Europe's longest and fastest zip wire at speeds of up to 100 miles per hour . He rode velocity in April 2017 to raise money for Blind Vetnerans  UK . Please support him if you can by going to his Just giving.

Steve completed Velocity at such speeds that he pinged straight back up and hung in mid air above a lake . After around 20 minutes a quite dramatic mid air rescue took place . Steve has so far raised £1200 for blind vererans.

2024 SEPT.







(Written by Josie)


He has set himself a task to play bowls against sighted players. He has joined the Rookery bowls club in Stowmarket and begun to learn the art of lawn green bowling. He can be found there on a Wednesday afternoon and a Saturday morning practicing and polishing his bowls.


Yousef watches from the sidelines. Recently Steve was asked to play in the matches with the sighted bowlers. This was quite a big deal and eveidently he is getting really good at bowls. I myself have had a go but find I would rather dig the garden or watch paint dry but then we cannot all be the same. I am however super proud of my husband for his ability to conquer most things in life.







Steve has continued his bowling .we went to the nationals that first year and steve remarkably came 3rd. Over the next few years we have attended every year and last year in 2023 Steve became Visually impaired bowls England pairs CHAMPION. We are super excited to go back this year to defend his title.


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